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 You cannot keep walking forward if you have forgotten the path you have trodden. That is why I look back to recover the voices that have accompanied me in my career, the lessons I will never be able to pay for, the advise that I rejected in the blindness of my youth and which I recovered with maturity. 

El Guito, Manuela Carrasco, Manolete and all the teachers who have given me their experiences, living history of flamenco and at times, when I felt ready to take on the world, they brought me back down to earth and guided me along the difficult path of being an artist. 

"Mirando Atrás" is the desire to bring back what has been forgotten, the elegance of the Farruca, the soberness of the Solea, the directness and strength of the Fandango. My intention is not to make a tribute, but to look for new rhythms in ancient places and to find that place in which one can fly, whilst clinging to ones roots. 


Finally,"Mirando Atrás".

Mirando AtrĂ¡s




At a time when Flamenco is dissolving into uncontrolled fusion, I cannot protest without demonstrating what I think. "TENDENCIAS" is the result of my continual desire to create, while at the same time feeling the deepest respect for our roots. 

A show which does not aim to make Flamenco evolve but rather to find its expression through different kinds of dance. 

A clear objective, to bring together many forms of dance with a single Flamenco aroma, which is impossible without a group in which the dancers have superb knowledge of dance and its culture. 

Evolving by being a defender of purity is my challenge.




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