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why is it so easy to learn with this method?


After 15 years of experience, teaching numerous courses all over the world, regular classes in the academy “Amor de Dios” and collaborations as guest teacher in the “Conservatorio Superior de Madrid”, Alfonso Losa has created his own teaching method.

This method is based on repetition, the breaking-down of exercises and the constant assimilation of rhythm.

The angle from which the videos have been shot has been specially designed so that the members feel as though they are attending a private class. The videos have been filmed live with a student, who is corrected on the most common mistakes in every lesson.

In a separate window you can see a close-up of the feet, all of which facilitates the assimilation of the content of the classes.

While the teacher demonstrates the mechanisms he also counts out loud and claps the timing, so that the student is always conscious of the rhythm and can assimilate the material more thoroughly.

The material in the 120 videos has been created so that the rhythmic and movement intentions may be attractive to advanced students, and accessible to students of other levels, seeing as the mecanisms are not overly complicated.

As the student is able to preview the classes as many times as he should wish, he has more criteria to decide which classes he would like to learn, and can design his own dances, or be guided by the teacher’s ideas.

The constant desire to learn is vital for every artist, regardless of his level, and in this personal quest for self-betterment, this method which is now at your disposal, was created by Alfonso Losa, as his own way of learning.


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